May 28

April/May 2014 – 4 orthopedic surgeons from Aspen travel to Argentina

Four orthopedic surgeons from Aspen traveled to Argentina to participate in the annual medical exchange program.  This year our doctors where invited to present at two conferences of the Argentine Orthopedic Association (AAOT).  One conference was held in Cordoba, Argentina and the other in Bariloche.  While in Bariloche, our doctors also worked at the public hospital.  This year’s participants were: Tito Liotta, MD, Laura Pritchard, Mark Purnell, MD, Griff Smith, Lance Smith, MD, and Leelee von Stade, MD.
Dr. Purnell and Laura Pritchard did follow up work with Nutrir Patagonia which is a foundation that has received International Rotary grant monies to continue its work with local disadvantaged families.  The team also visited the physical therapy department of the hospital that is distributing and managing the recent wheelchair donation.  Several recipients of wheelchairs were visited and interviewed.

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