Adaptive Skiing Exchange


To improve the instruction of and participation in adaptive sports in the communities of Bariloche and Aspen through the exchange of teaching professionals, in-services, and equipment donations.

Aspen Bariloche Adaptive Skiing Exchange

The adaptive ski instruction exchange began in 2004 when a delegation of Challenge Aspen Ski Instructors traveled to Portillo, Chile and Bariloche, Argentina to give in-service training for adaptive ski instructors and administrative advice to adaptive nonprofit foundations. Since then there have been many successful adaptive ski instructor exchanges between Aspen and Bariloche and Challenge Aspen has donated a generous amount of adaptive ski equipment to Desafío Bariloche. In addition, Challenge Aspen has presented a series of Level I adaptive ski instructor classes which has been opened to instructors from several ski centers in Argentina.

“Overall this exchange, as expected, reinforced the importance of the Sister Cities exchange program, that creates opportunities to learn in a caring and positive environment, while connecting people of different cultures with common aims, goals, and hearts. Looking forward to planning the next exchange!”- Paul Wray, Fundación Desafío Bariloche, Argentina- Adaptive Skiing Exchange 2022.

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