Nov 02


In 2002, Bariloche, Argentina, and Aspen, CO, formally became Sister Cities. Since then, through a variety of community exchanges, our relationship has grown stronger and we are proud to say that we continue to pursue the mission of Sister Cities International of promoting world peace through cooperation, mutual respect and understanding.

This September, 2022, the communities of Bariloche and Aspen came together to work in a collaborative manner and learn from each other. After two years of not being able to travel due to the Covid 19 pandemic, four different exchanges took place in Bariloche: Adaptive Skiing Exchange, Arts and Culture Exchange, Medical Exchange and Ski Patrol Exchange. In addition, Ward Hauenstein, Mayor pro tem of Aspen, was invited to Bariloche to be part of these exchanges and attend the formal celebration dinner which gathered all the current exchange participants, citizens that were fundamental in forming this relationship over the past years and members of the Bariloche and Aspen Sister Cities committees. During this celebration Griff Smith, Bariloche City Coordinator, and Dr. Tito Liotta, Aspen participant in the Medical Exchange, received the Bariloche Honorary Citizen Award.

Also in celebration of the twenty year anniversary, Reina Katzenberger (Aspen) created a mural for the Hospital Zonal Ramon Carrillo, with the participation of artists from Bariloche: “This mural is a kind of map that is born from respect to the people of our communities, past and future. It is in process and informed by the connection, collaboration and mutual respect shared in the Sister Cities Program”.

Once again we experienced the value of creating personal connections and lifelong friendships through the Sister Cities program, growing as individuals and as a community. We are grateful for everyone who continues to make this special relationship possible!

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