May 11

Bariloche Artist Ingrid Roddick, “I can only hope this exchange continues”

Visiting Aspen was an amazing experience, not only is it beautiful (and in similar and different ways Bariloche is), but it has an incredible art scene, especially because it´s such a small town, much smaller than Bariloche. I couldn´t get enough of  it’s many art galleries and art centers, festivals, artists’ studios, Anderson Ranch and also its almost new contemporary art museum, not to mention it’s natural surroundings and golden yellow aspen trees (hard to put my camera down!). I also got the opportunity to give talks, organize an art cartography workshop, show my work at the Art Base in Basalt thanks to Gena Moe (who has been in Bariloche through this exchange), and also at the Red Brick Art Center. I met several artists, among them Reina Katzenberger with whom we exchanged art (so happy about that!) and also, a year later, helped host her stay when she came over. My wonderful host, Missy Prudden, also shares my love of maps and made special arrangements for me to meet mapmakers and see different maps of the area, I am now a proud owner of some maps of Aspen! But this description isn’t complete if I leave out the people that make it happen: they are warm, attentive, interesting and fun to be with, inviting you to their homes, feeding you and taking you everywhere. Everyone involved in this exchange works hard just for the sake of connecting people from these two sister cities. It was an exciting and perfect visit; I can only hope this exchange continues.

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