Oct 09

October 2015 – Aspen Middle School exchange with Bariloche & Helmet Donation

Student exchange

Fifteen students for the Aspen Middle School traveled to Bariloche for the student exchange program. These are the same students who hosted students from Bariloche in Aspen. These students stayed in the homes of these same students. The chaperones were Nell Birk and Bryan Long.

Ski helmets

This year under the volunteer collaboration of Lala Caffarone the Aspen community and Aspen retailers are donating ski helmets to the Esqui Escolar Program in Bariloche.
Esqui Escolar is a program where Bariloche public schools fifth graders are given the opportunity to receive free ski instruction and ski passes at Cerro Catedral. Each student group of our student exchange program (students from Bariloche and Aspen) carries with them one
helmet when traveling to Bariloche. In this manner 30 helmets have been donated to the program so far. The program will continue next year and may expand to include ski goggles and/or other ski clothing. Lala Caffarone is a Bariloche native who has lived and worked in Aspen for the past 15 years.

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