Feb 16


Aspen and Bariloche complete another successful medical exchange.

“To everyone who gave us their time and space, thank you! Everyone participated in one way or another to make us feel at home. To be able to learn and grow as a professional and as a person… thank you very much! And see you in Bariloche.” Dr Daniel Huerta, orthopedic surgeon, Hospital Zonal Bariloche, Argentina.

“Thank you all! You really made us feel at home! It was a pleasure to share this week… I’m taking back my bag full of learning and love! Thanks to each one of you. I hope to see you soon.” Emilia Camusso, occupational therapist, Hospital Zonal Bariloche, Argentina.

Six medical professionals from Bariloche visited Aspen in February 2023 for the annual Aspen Bariloche Medical Exchange Program.  This year’s participants were Analia Ciciliato, scrub nurse, Daniel Huerta, orthopedic surgeon, Leo Bonfatti, orthopedic surgeon, Emilia Camusso, occupational therapist, Valeria Ormaechea, physical therapist, and Roberto Orofino, anesthesiologist. The week was spent conducting “peer observations and shadowing” at Aspen Valley Hospital, Valley View Hospital, The Steadman Clinic & Steadman Philippon Surgery Center, Howard Head Physical Therapy and ValleyOrtho Willits-Basalt.  This year’s exchange was reciprocal for an exchange conducted by medical professionals from Aspen to Bariloche in September of 2022.  The Aspen Bariloche Medical Exchange Program began in 2002 with the shipments of much needed medical supplies to Bariloche and the first official exchange of medical personnel in 2003. 

“Grateful for the possibility of participating in this exchange once again, for the usual affection and warmth, for the renewed commitment, for the excellent professionalism and hard work. Thanks team and city of Aspen. Until our next adventure.” Dr Leo Bonfatti, orthopedic surgeon, Hospital Zonal Bariloche, Argentina.

“It was amazing to participate in a professional exchange between cities of different countries. I was welcomed with much warmth and enthusiasm, which made me feel immediately at home. I am deeply grateful for the kindness and hospitality that I was shown throughout my stay. I was able to learn a great deal from my colleagues, exchange ideas and make new friends. I am sure that this experience will continue to be invaluable to me in the future. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity of sharing these moments with such wonderful people, for the good treatment and love received.” Dr Roberto Orofino, anesthesiologist, Hospital Zonal Bariloche, Argentina.

“I arrived in the city of Aspen full of fears, it was the first time I was traveling ‘by myself’ outside of my country and from the first moment you made me feel that I was not alone. Both in the community and in the hospital we felt like siblings, friends, companions. Incredible experience, I have no words to thank so much hospitality and welcoming! Getting to know your traditions, your daily lives, was enriching for me unlike no other trip. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I look forward to receiving you in Bariloche to share my city with you and give back a little bit of the immensity you have given me.” Analia Ciciliato, scrub nurse, Hospital Zonal Bariloche, Argentina.

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