Aug 19


Eric Young, from Aspen Highlands, is participating in the 2023 Ski Patrol Exchange in Cerro Catedral, Bariloche (July through September). His girlfriend KC Thornton, who is studying occupational therapy, traveled with him and got the opportunity to volunteer with the adaptive skiing program “Desafío Bariloche”. We are so grateful for these collaborations!

“My work experience has been wonderful so far. Weather has been all over the place. The snow we’ve gotten has been destroyed by lots of recent rain but it’s still nice to see how other places work with/around variables that are out of anyone’s control. I’ve been really impressed with the patrol here. Everyone is really good at all the facets of their job and are constantly training/studying to make sure they are always razor sharp! My Spanish has been improving a lot… it’s still not where I want it to be, but I’m able to communicate at work and understand work tasks and most of the things in the radio… Thank you so much for the opportunity and all the help!”– Eric Young, July 2023.

“Things have been going great! Desafío is AMAZING and I am learning so much from Paul, Remi, Leo, and all of the other volunteers/members. Everyone at Desafío is incredibly welcoming, kind, and passionate. My Spanish is slowly improving, not close to the level I’d like for it to be at, but each day it gets better. Thank you for all of the opportunities you’ve provided us with.”– KC Thornton, July 2023.

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