May 28

May 2012 – Small Medical delegation visits Bariloche

The Aspen Bariloche Medical Exchange Program sent a small delegation to Bariloche. The participants were: Mark Purnell, MD, Ryan Pizinger MD, Robert Christensen, DDS, Laura Pritchard of the Aspen Sports Medicine Foundation, and Griff Smith of Aspen Sister Cities. Drs. Purnell and Pizinger did several demonstration orthopedic surgeries and made case studies presentations. Dr. Christensen did many demonstration dental procedures in the hospital and several health centers. He also made a strong case to local authorities about the fluoridation of the public drinking water. The group brought along two large duffle bags of donated orthopedic and general hospital supplies for the public hospital. All participants held several meetings to discuss ongoing and future medical exchange programs and donation projects. From this visit it became obvious that the medical exchange program has many challenging, but rewarding projects for the future.

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