May 24


“I chaperone Sister Cities trips because I see firsthand the wonder and curiosity from these kids. I witness the fear of being unfamiliar with a place and the people there. But it’s the sweet spot in between those; the place where the wonder and curiosity, and the fear of unfamiliarity drive the connection, growth, communication, and understanding. It’s magical“- Kate Korn, AHS teacher.

“The trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany was truly amazing! The deep histories of the places we saw were fascinating. But above all, the people were the highlight of my experience! Yes, we became close with our individual students, but we spent so much time all together that the connections built throughout the group were very special too. The memories that I made throughout the exchange will be ones I will cherish forever.” – Colby Vanderaa (10th Grade)

“Sister Cities was an experience I will never forget. It was so incredible to form such close friendships with people from across the world in such a short amount of time. We were able to bond over our cultures and differences but also realized that we’re much more similar than we may have thought originally. The people I met are such a large part of my life now and the experiences we had together will always have a special place in my heart.” – Julia Diaz (10th Grade)

“Sister Cities has expanded and deepened my knowledge of relationships and cultures. The contrast in values was significant, however, beneficial to the bonds and connections we created. There were noticeable barriers regarding language and ideals, but overcoming that challenge strengthened our relationships and was an incredibly positive outcome!” – McKenzie Roy (10th Grade)

“My time in the exchange to Garmisch was uncanny to any other trip I have ever been on. The people we got to go with including the chaperones made the trip enjoyable. We were a bit awkward at first but instantly clicked and became good friends and I can say the same thing about our German students as well. We spent almost everyday together for a month it was hard not to get close to all the students. We truly made friendships that will last the life time thanks to the Sister Cities Program!” – Suleyma Garcia-Olmedo (10th Grade).

“This exchange allowed me to gain a useful perspective on my career in education. Through observing several German classrooms and in depth discussions with the teachers of Werdenfels-Gymnasium, I was able to think about how I approach teaching science in an entirely new way. I wasn’t expecting to have such a profound “professional development” opportunity as a chaperone for Sister Cities, but I am thrilled that I was able to make these connections with educators abroad”.– Haylen Gonzalez-Pita, AHS teacher.


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