Jun 15

Shimukappu English Teacher Program

A unique program that Aspen and Shimukappu have shared since March of 1991, is an English Teacher position. An individual from the Aspen area lives and teaches English in Shimukappu for approximately two years, working closely with the local public schools and the Board of Education to provide students of all ages the opportunity to study English through engaging conversational classes. Since 1991 11+ English Teachers have participated in this program creating connections and friendships that have lasted to this day. One of these  stories is of an English teacher who was once a 12 year old student on the student exchange program to Shimukappu and having loved the experience so much as a young boy he returned as a teacher years later. He still remains in Shimukappu today, married to a woman from Shimukappu, raising their daughter, and managing their restaurant business. A full circle experience! 

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