Oct 12

The Art Base collaborates with Aspen Sister Cities' new art exchange program

The Art Base in Basalt has teamed up with Aspen Sister Cities to launch the new Roaring Fork Valley Art Exchange program.
Each year, a valley artist will go to Bariloche, Argentina while an artist from there comes here to The Art Base in Basalt.

Genna Moe is executive director of The Art Base. She recently went to Bariloche to help establish the international cultural exchange program. She said it’s an exciting opportunity to bring diversity to the valley art scene.

“Once the artist comes here we will host a talk and a class and maybe, like a week of pop-up exhibition if the artist is interested in that,” said Moe.

The hope is to also increase options for bilingual art education. Like Aspen, Bariloche has “on” and “off” seasons in the spring and fall months. Moe said that’s when the artists’ exchange takes place, starting next spring.

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