Apr 11


“The Aspen Sister Cities Adaptive Skiing Exchange program is one of the best ideas in terms of human thinking aimed at long-term common good. For Fundación Desafio Bariloche over all these years, the communion of our cause with our seemingly different perspective, united by this sisterhood, means that the effect is the sum of our energies, which empowers us all.

This project in collaboration with Challenge Aspen, has shown a fascinating array of examples of growth and mutual feedback. Through the exchange of experiences in this specific field, individual strengths and weaknesses are compensated, creating a common ground for all. This pendulous movement motivates, enriches, nurtures and inspires.

During the exchanges, both in Bariloche and in Aspen, it is felt that the same horizon is projected, an invisible bridge is built where the merging of our different cultures strengthens the common cause.

The scope and power of expansion of the Sisters Cities program is indescribable. The impact produced when the parties involved show generosity and willingness, is literally infinite and surprising. The Sister Cities program could recount the seemingly visible outcomes, but it cannot measure the Big Bang effect of possibilities and consequences that overflow even years after each exchange. The impact is phenomenal.

We are deeply grateful to all those who are involved in this project and believe that even though the world is a difficult place, peace and unity are the path to prosperity and well-being for all who inhabit it. Gracias!”
Mariana Neira- Fundación Desafio Bariloche.

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