Nov 10

Aspen Bariloche Medical Exchange 2019

Last February, a group of four medical professionals from Hospital Zonal Ramón Carrillo visited Aspen as part of the annual medical exchange program. They were; Gaston Duwavram, Orthopedics, Belén Milleron, Physical Therapy, Leonardo Bonfati, Orthopedics and Cecilia Habjan, PT/respiratory therapy.  This was Cecilia’s second year of participation in the program while the others came for the first time.

In the month of October, a delegation from Aspen Valley Hospital traveled to Bariloche for the annual Aspen Bariloche Medical exchange.  This is the seventeenth year of the medical exchange.  Participants were:  Robert Christensen, DDS, Krista Fox, OT, Julie Jenkins, RN, Kimber Kurr, PT, Mark Purnell MD, and Julie Warren, PT.  While in Bariloche each participant worked alongside of their Bariloche colleague in what we call peer study.  In addition, several presentations were given to a variety of professional meetings and conferences.

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