Nov 09

Aspen Bariloche Ski Patrol Exchange 2019

Javier Cofian, ski patrol from Cerro Catedral, arrived in Aspen in November 2018 to begin his season long ski patrol exchange at Aspen Mountain.  He completed his work in April and returned to Bariloche where the austral ski season takes place from June to October.

Highlands ski patrolman, Luke DeMuth, worked at Cerro Catedral for the Austral ski season.  The season began with some near record snowfalls which provided a good variety of experiences including avalanche control, lift evacuations, and a wide variety of ski related injuries.  Notable was the improvement in Luke’s Spanish language skills which should serve him well with his interactions with visitors to Aspen from Latin America.  

Bariloche ski patrol leader, Mario Ruiz, arrived in Aspen in November to begin his season long ski patrol exchange.  Mario will be based at Aspen Highlands, but because of his leadership position in Bariloche he will spend considerable time at all four of the Aspen Skiing Company mountains.    

This is the 8th consecutive year of successful ski patrol exchanges between Bariloche and Aspen.

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