Aug 28

August 2013 – A small delegation from the Medical Exchange Program visits Bariloche.

A small delegation from the Aspen Bariloche Medical Exchange Program visited Bariloche.  The participants were Dra. Leelee Von Stade, Dr. Tito Liotta, Laura Pritchard, and Griff Smith.  During the week the delegation:

  1. Supported and attended the International Society for Skier Safety conference which was held in Bariloche.  This was the first ISSS conference to be ever held in South America.  Drs. Von Stade and Liotta were presenters at the conference, while Laura Pritchard helped to coordinate planning between the Society and the local event planners, Bureau de Bariloche. All of the Aspen participants made interesting and value contacts with participants from Argentina and from around the world.
  2. Drs. Von Stade and Liotta did a mini medical exchange with the orthopaedic department of the hospital.
  3. Laura Pritchard has been working hard writing a Rotary International grant proposal to be awarded to the local Nutrir Patagonia Foundation.  She announced to the Foundation that a grant has been approved in the amount of U$S 17,500 to Nutrir Patagonia to help develop their program of family education in the poorer neighborhoods of Bariloche.  The grant was made possible by generous donations from the Rotary Clubs of Aspen and Carbondale along with matching monies from Rotary International.  Laura is to be congratulated for her hard work on this project.
  4. Laura and Griff consulted with counterparts in the hospital, Nutrir Patagonia, the Provincial Minister of Health, and Bariloche Sister Cities to plan future projects and exchanges.

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