May 28

May 2013 – Most extensive programs in our to date

This year’s medical exchange was one of the most extensive programs in our ten year history of the program. Participants in this year’s program were Mark Purnell MD, Leelee Von Stade MD, Robert Christensen DDS, Chris George MD, Dan Lee MD, Krista Fox OT, Amanda Boxtel, Laura Pritchard and Griff Smith. The activities included:

  1. Orthopedic activities including peer surgeries including Aspen and Bariloche orthopedic surgeons, peer clinic consultations, and presentations at a regional orthopedic conference. The donation of orthopedic equipment and supplies was also done.
  2. Peer dental procedures in the hospital and preventative care programs in local schools. Conversations with local authorities regarding the advantages of the fluoridation of the local drinking water were conducted. Dental equipment was donated.
  3. Participation in and making presentations at a regional conference of architects, public health officials, and planners on accessibility issues. Several workshops on the care of disabled patients, wheelchair use, and accessibility issues were also conducted.
  4. Over 220 wheelchairs were donated to the hospital to be distributed to patients in need. This will be an ongoing program for several years.
  5. Support of a local community education foundation called Nutrir Patagonia.
  6. Support of the upcoming International Society for Skiing Safety conference to be held in Bariloche in August.
  7. Donation of an automatic external defibrillator (AED) to the cardiology department of the hospital.

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