Nov 18


A commemorative event celebrating the 30th anniversary of the sister city partnership between Shimukappu and Aspen, Colorado, USA took place at the Village Community Plaza.

A total of about 100 people, including Aspen Mayor Torre, a delegation of Aspen representatives, and village officials attended the event and promised to continue and further develop exchanges between the two cities.

The event was organized by the village and an executive committee made up of village residents and volunteers. Originally planned for the 30th anniversary in 2021, the commemorative event was postponed for two years due to the turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The ceremony was held on October 23rd, with Mr. Takao Takezawa, Director General of the Kamikawa Regional Promotion Bureau, in attendance as a guest of honor.

The local performing art ‘Shimukappu Kagura’ presented by the Shimukappu Kagura Preservation Society and koto (Japanese harp) performances by two former Assistant Language Teachers were showcased. Additionally, a video retrospective of the history of exchange between the two cities was presented.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Mayor Tanaka expressed his gratitude for the past exchanges and sincerely hopes that the friendship will continue for a long time to come.

Mayor Torre said, “We are inspired by the beautiful culture and rich traditions of the village. We are proud of the last 30 years”.

Prior to the event, the delegation stayed at the Hoshino Resort Tomamu on October 22nd and enjoyed sightseeing at the farm area where cows are raised.

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