Sep 28

September 2005- Mobility Project distributed 198 wheel chairs

The Mobility Project, a U.S. based foundation, traveled to Bariloche and distributed 198 wheel chairs and a number of other mobility devises to the needy of Bariloche and surrounding communities. These donated wheel chairs were custom fitted to each recipient by a team of expert volunteer fitters from Aspen and the Mobility Project. Recipients were given instruction in the use of the mobility devices and many took advantage of “sports camps” (including skiing) to learn recreational uses of the devises. The project was supported and sponsored by Aspen Sister Cities, Bariloche Sister Cities, and Challenge Aspen with the financial support of the Aspen and Bariloche communities. Challenge Aspen continued work with its ongoing project of mutual assistance with its sister organization, Desafío Bariloche. This was the third year that Challenge Aspen has traveled to Bariloche

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