Apr 28

April/May 2006 – 14 medical professionals from Aspen travel to Bariloche

Fourteen medical professionals from Aspen traveled to Bariloche to present the second annual International Sports and Orthopedic Conference. The conference was sponsored by Hospital Ramón Carrillo in Bariloche and presented by the professionals from both communities. The Aspen doctors also conducted four demonstrations surgeries for the Bariloche doctors. This year’s contingent from Aspen included orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, physical therapists, and medical supply company representatives. At the same time, the fifth shipment of donated medical supplies was sent to Bariloche. This shipment of 34 large boxes included surgical equipment and supplies, an ultrasound machine, and orthopedic implants, plates, screws, and fixators. Shipping was again provided completely free of charge by Federal Express. Aspen Moving and Storage provided all the packing labor and materials.

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